BUNNY - Travel Blanket

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DIVINE FABRIC: (BUNNY Faux Fur on the Front & Back.)

Bunny - Travel Blanket

BUNNY inventory is very limited for orders placed before Christmas.  CLICK HERE if you would like to PRE-Order an Out-of-Stock Color or Larger size in ALL colors when it becomes available again at the end of December-2019.

Every Year I think that there is no way that a blanket can get better or softer. Well, the BUNNY blanket feels-like-real-fur, without harming one hair on that hare.  So plush, dence fibers, and thick. You just won't believe that this is Faux-Fur. This blanket is so beautiful and plush, that "Soft" just doesn't begin to describe the Bunny blanket. 

No matter how you order this, it won't disappoint. However, I highly recommend you order this with the DIVINE Fabric Upgrade. This fabric is so dense and thick that it feels like a real "Weighted Blanket", but for half the price. 

Description of what you're getting - The Travel Blanket is approximately 40" x 60" when it's unfolded. When you're on the go, it folds up into a 12" x 18" pillow. Each Travel Blanket includes the Blanket, attached storage pillow, toggle closure on the pillow, & a "D" ring attached to one corner of the pillow for a variety of carrying options.  Look for the Travel Handle Upgrade, it's optional but worth penny.  It is a matching fur handle that clips on to the ring. You will also get another "D" ring ( one ring on both sides of the pillow. ) and Carabiner for even more carrying options.  DIVINE Fabric, Lock-down quilting stitch, and travel handle upgrade is optional.

CLICK HERE for more Information that you'll need to know about your purchase. Sizing Note: All sizes are approximate & refer to Cut, Pre-sewn, sizes. Finished product can sometimes be up to an inch different than stated. Minky is made from 100% Polyester.