The Travel Blanket


This is the Original Minky TRAVEL BLANKET!

An indulgent blanket the matches up with your luxurious taste. This Blanket will be perfect for movies, keeping warm in a stadium and on a airplane. Basically any time that you are on the move and need a full size blanket that folds up into this compact pillow. The Travel Blanket comes in any of the Faux Furs/Minky that I carry.  The fabric is surprisingly durable, and incredibly easy to clean. Don't worry, if it drops in the mud, or gets sticky from the theater floor, these blankets clean up like new. ( Product Description below) 






Description of what you're getting - A 40" x 60" Blanket. (Finished size can sometimes be 1 inch different. It depends on the mills manufacturing process) You get to choice the Faux Fur (minky) on the front and I will pair it with a coordinating Solid Minky on the back. The Travel Blanket will also include the Self-Storing pocket, Toggle button Closure. The DIVINE Lock-Down quilting stitch is optional.