~ DIVINE Comfort - Breast Cancer Design (Add-On to Any Item)

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Add this item, plus a Blanket or Wrap, to your cart. This will complete the DIVINE Comfort.

DIVINE Comfort- Breast Cancer Design

Please Read. The DIVINE Comfort upgrade is an Add-On item, please ADD it to a Blanket or Wrap. 

CLICK HERE for a Video explanation. The DIVINE Comfort, Breast Cancer design, can be added to any regular stock Blanket or Wrap.** 

With only TWO Clicks this is what you'll get when you add it to a Blanket or Wrap:

  • Includes 4 charms: A Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, an Angel, 2 Hearts (this stands for you and the recipient) & a quote. "She believed she could, so she did."
  • A color picture of the charms.  (Similar to the picture above.)
  • The "DIVINE" Comfort Poem.
  • Charms securely fastened/attached INSIDE the blanket, around the perimeter/outer edges of the Blanket or Wrap.

The DIVINE Comfort Blanket was created for a friend, while she was going through a very difficult time. Four charms are placed under the fabric, inside the blanket. You can feel them, but you can't see them. The intention is that the blanket becomes a distraction while you search for the charms. While matching the charms to the picture they will find that suddenly, 5... 10... or even 30 minutes have passed. I believe that everyone needs a moment away from their problems, in order to conquer them.

Here are the top suggestions that have a "Pink Ribbon" theme. PURCHASING NOTE...  Before you leave this page, ADD the charms to you "shopping cart" . You'll need this add on item PLUS the Blanket or Wrap to complete the DIVINE Comfort.

pink-grapefruit-shag.jpg   mink-pink-grapefruit-square-small.jpg   chenille-paris-pink.jpg   roses-baby-pink.jpg   roses-frosted-paris-pink-.jpg   bella-silver-frosted-pink.jpg

 - DIVINE Comfort Poem -

     "Everyone that designed this “Divine Comfort” blanket, had YOU in mind. Charms were carefully chosen & sewn inside. Hopefully they will Inspire, Focus and Rejuvenate your Mind, Heart and Spirit. As you search around the edges for the charms, think of your family and friends and know that they support you through both your successful and challenging times. Wrap up with #BlanketLove as we wish you many moments of Peace, Health and Happiness, Now and Forever."

 Please see the Pictures & Videos that go along with the description. 

**The DIVINE Comfort can be added to any Regular Stock items.  They CANNOT be added to products that are pre-finished/assembled items. Clearance, Deals and Quick Ship items are included in the category of "pre-finished" and cannot be retrofitted with the upgrade. 

Call, Text or Email me with any questions. 385-900-8668 - BlanketsByBrian@gmail.com (quickest response by email.)

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