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The Fidget (Sensory) Blanket

Fidget (Sensory) blankets are for everyone! The soft plush Minky fur has a pampering effect for your fingers, while the other tactile surfaces, like satin, fabric texture, crisp & soft edges. The marbles, in the blanket, will help relax your mind and body by eliminating stress and anxiety. Squeeze, pet, or "fidget" with this toy, it’s an amazing sensory tool for elderly people, adults, children, office workers, students, patients, or anyone who has trouble staying focused or relaxing. Fidget toys can help you calm down when you feel overwhelmed by providing a different sensory input. At places like salons or dentist's offices, the fidget blanket can also help individuals by giving them something safe to do or hold to with their hands, rather than touching the tools.

What you'll be getting... The blanket is approximately 9" x 13", about the size of a piece of paper. The Satin edges are about 1.5-2" wide. The Faux-Fur (Minky) on both sides, plus the satin, will match and complement each other. The front is a glass like, densely packed, silky smooth Minky Faux-Fur from my "BUNNY" collection, and the back side is similar in softness but will have different texture. This Minky is patterned and has fibers facing different directions creating ridges and valleys. Hidden within the blanket, there are 5 marbles that can be pushed around randomly, or through a infinite maze.  (Please look through the pictures for more detail.)

Additional Information about this Product.

Who Inspired The Fidget Blanket? It is for everyone but has been especially designed for people who struggle with: ADHD, ADD, AUTISM, PANIC ATTACKS, HIGH ANXIETY, & STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Quitting Habits or Addictions. Do you know someone that is trying to quit smoking or any other difficult "hard to quit" addictions/habits? Simply pick up the Fidget Blanket and play. Many people have successfully curbed unessential habits by using fidget/sensory toys. It can help you refocus when your mind is racing.  

Play it anywhere & anytime because it works like a “quiet book”. The Fidget Blanket is easy to carry, about the size of paper, & can easily folded up to put it in your jacket pocket or any bag. It can be used wherever you go, It’s suitable for cars, church, buses, weddings, airplanes, school, camping, travel, meetings, or in restaurants.

SUPERIOR QUALITY & Cleaning Suggestions: I am using 100% polyester products. Except for the Glass/Plastic marbles, the satin and material are made of polyester. The Fidget Blanket was designed with safety in mind. A safe, user-friendly experience. Guaranteed to last for many years! It's easily washed and very durable. They are made to use the same bigger blanket washing instructions.  Wash in COLD water with other Blankets by Brian products. NEVER use Fabric softeners!! Do NOT Dry with heat. I will hang to dry or tumble dry with no heat.

Ordering Note: If your order has 10 or more Fidget Blankets, please allow extra time for sewing & shipping. If you have any questions about custom requests, unique color combination, or shipping time please feel free to contact me at 385-900-8668 or [email protected] 

 WARNING: POSSIBLE CHOKING HAZARD!  This toy contains Marbles INSIDE the Fidget Blanket, and under "normal/intended use" cannot be removed. However, if the toy becomes compromised (torn, cut, or ripped open) a baby could potentially remove the marbles from its secure enclosure. Therefore, it's not recommended for children under 3 years old. The Fidget Blanket is ideal for children aged 5 and up. Do not let pets chew on this toy, if the marbles were removed it could be a choking hazard to them also.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. I know that you are going to love this sensory product as much as I do. If you are not happy or satisfied, please contact me and make arrangements to return it. I can refund your money once you have shipped it back to my studio, and I have received it. I will need to know that it is coming, who is sending it, and the reason for returning it. ******* PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST! email: [email protected] ********