A FROSTED ICE Travel Blanket, color is Saltwater. *DEAL

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DEAL/CLEARANCE! A FROSTED ICE Travel Blanket, color is Saltwater.

This item will ship out within 24 Hours of purchase. (Monday - Friday)

WOW! WHAT A DEAL. Because I have limited space in my studio, every year I have to make some hard cuts to bring in something new. So, let's clear this out to make room for next years new collections. My loss is your win with this amazing clearance pricing.

What you'll be getting... This is a 40" x 60" Saltwater FROSTED ICE Travel Blanket. It comes with FROSTED ICE Minky on the Front and Back. This item includes the Travel Handle.

 FROSTED ICE has a plush 15mm pile height and 610 gram weight per liner yard, perfect for all weather conditions. I would consider this a Medium weight fabric. A medium weight fabric is great for cold and warm weather. 

Step-by-step instructions for efficiently folding and storing the blanket within its integrated pocket. (see picture above)   

1. Lay it flat: Spread the blanket on the floor or a table (skip this step if you're already a pro!).

2. Pocket Prep: Make sure the pocket is tucked inside the blanket, not hanging out. Imagine it like a pants pocket that needs to be pushed in.

3. Fold in Thirds: Taking the long sides of the blanket, fold them in towards the middle. The pocket will help you eyeball where to make the folds. The edges will just slightly overlap in the middle. (not exact thirds.)

4. Halfway There: Now fold the length of the blanket in half, leaving the top edge about 12 inches away from the bottom.

5. The Tricky Part: Slide your hand inside the pocket (like reaching into your pants pocket). While your hand is inside the pocket and blanket, grab the top edge of the blanket (through the pocket and blanket material).

6. Pull it Through: Hold onto that top edge and pull it towards you, bringing the pocket out and now the folded side of the blanket is half way in the pocket. Imagine turning a pillowcase right-side out while pulling the pillow inside.

7. Flatten and Fold: Smooth out the pocket, and you'll see half the blanket is now tucked in. Simultaneously fold the blanket in half & stuff it into the pocket.

8. Bonus Pillow: Fluff the tucked-in part so that it is the desired shape.

9. Secure and Store: Fasten the toggle into the “D” ring if you want to keep it closed. You can even store small extras in the pocket, like sunglasses or snacks.

10. Unfold and Repeat: To use the blanket, just reverse the steps. Secure the pocket and handle back inside the blanket and fasten the toggle to keep them in place for a cleaner look when unfolded.

Clearance Items are a Final sale. They cannot be returned. Sizing Note: All sizes are approximate & refer to Cut, Pre-sewn, sizes. Finished product can sometimes be up to an inch different than stated. CLICK HERE for Information that you'll need to know about your purchase.

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