Travel Blankets- Camouflage Collection

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The Travel Blanket with Camouflage Choices* 

Finally! A luxurious blanket the matches up with your luxurious vacation or back woods camping. This Blanket will be perfect for movies, keeping warm in a stadium or around a campfire**. Basically any time that you are on the move and need a compact blanket.  When folded up it doubles as a pillow.  The Travel Blanket comes in any of the colors that I carry in stock.  These fabrics are incredibly durable, and super easy to clean. Don't worry if it drops in the mud, or gets sticky from the theater floor, these blankets will clean up like new.

Description of what you're getting - A 40" x 60" Blanket. (Finished size can sometimes be 1 inch different. It depends on the mills manufacturing process) You'll get to choose the rugged, yet Soft & Warm Faux Fur (minky) on the front. Then choose the Solid Minky or Camo for the back. The Travel Blanket will also include the Self-Storing pocket & Toggle button Closure. The DIVINE Lock-Down quilting stitch is optional.

How to Store the Blanket in the pocket. (see picture above)

  1. Locate the toggle button & pocket.
  2. Pull the pocket out that is tucked inside the blanket.
  3. With the pocket out, and using your fingers, start gathering and stuffing the blanket into the pocket.
  4. Flatten, squish or fluff to make desired pillow shape.
  5. Fasten toggle through the buttonhole.

* Attention to detail and extra construction time is needed for the Travel Blanket. However, 80% of the time I will ship them to you within 2-4 business days from time of purchase. Contact me if Expedited delivery is needed, I will accommodate most requests.

**CAUTION Fabric, cloth and Blankets are flammable and if used near a campfire or open flame could result in serious injury. Please use extreme caution when using near a open flame.