SHAG Frosted: Calming Pet Bed Covers

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The Frosted SHAG Pet Bed Covers

Pet Bed Covers come with "SHAG" fabric on the front.  These covers have one finished sided and come with a draw string to pull and tighten around any shaped pet pillow.

SHAG is a Beautiful Long Faux-Fur Minky that really catches the eye. It isn't the Shag of the 1970's, this minky is So Soft and Yummy. It will tempt you stay home and reflect on your days from long ago. Although Adults love this, Kids & Teens are going crazy for this retro Shag that's new again. Everyone will love this because there are so many colors to choose from, and it is so, so soft.


"Frosted Shag" has a base color (root of the fiber), and then the tips are frosted either white or cream. This "Frosted" effect is truly my favorite look in any collection, the color variation gives any minky a real fur look.


Please contact me at with ANY requests or customization needs. Sizing Note: All sizes are approximate & refer to Cut, Pre-sewn, sizes. Finished product can sometimes be up to an inch different than stated. - CLICK HERE for more Information that you'll need to know about your purchase.