A Sable in White. 50" x 60" Blanket, w/ Crimson Back & 2 Foot Pockets *DEAL

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Sable in White with a Crimson Red Back.

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This is an amazing DEAL and there is only one available.  A 50" x 60" Blanket, and the 2- DIVINE Foot Pockets.  The Foot Pockets are on the "Long Side" Blanket, or the Blanket would lie in a Landscape Orientation and the Foot pockets would be at the bottom. DIVINE Quilting Lock-Down Stitch is included. Blanket was incorrectly washed, which caused the Crimson Red color to Bleed slightly.  It is very minimal and barely noticeable. Product is Brand new. Pictures will show you that the Bleeding was minimal. Piece on the right is  new, example on the left is the actual blanket. Bleeding DID NOT effect the finished quality or softness. See Pictures for Details.