Feather-Rose - Wrap

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Feather-Rose - Wrap

Feather-Rose is a Minky fabric that resembles faux-fur fibers swirl & twist into a rose shape & has a feather like print. Formerly know as "Dominique", I started with the black version. Feather-Rose has been a top seller and everyone's favorite, and for the first time is being offered in dozens of colors. I wanted to start with 2 new colors, I am sure there will be more to come. This is a sophisticated look that will fit in anyone's home design, and I know you'll love it.

DIVINE Fabric Upgrade: Your item comes with Feather-Rose Minky Fabric on the front & a solid colored, coordinating minky fabric on the back. The DIVINE Fabric upgrade puts the Feather-Rose fabric on the front & back, resulting in heavier, thicker, warmer, & luxurious blanket. When you order the DIVINE Fabric upgrade it will obviously double the weight and give you the feeling of a heavier or weighted blanket. 

Wrap Sizing Guide: Please see the pictures above for sizing help and recommendations.  Wraps are not like shoes or pants that "need to fit". All wrap sizes can be used by any size of person. A "Large Wrap" will fit both a 4 foot' person & 6 foot person. However, it would hang over a 4' person's shoulders & down past their fingertips, & it would probably only hit a 6' person's elbows. ALL WRAPS ARE REVERSABLE AND EITHER SIDE CAN BE WORN ON THE OUTSIDE.

Please contact me at [email protected] with ANY requests or customization needs. Sizing Note: All sizes are approximate & refer to Cut, Pre-sewn, sizes. Finished product can sometimes be up to an inch different than stated. - CLICK HERE for more Information that you'll need to know about your purchase.