DUNES - Blanket

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Dunes - Blanket

This is the DUNES Collection. I've taken one of my best-selling collections, The BUNNY collection, and changed it up with this beautiful & soothing wavey faux-fur. The textured surface has been a fan favorite since introduced as a colorful (and ethical) alternative to genuine chinchilla fur. Inspired by Utah's beautiful sand dune state parks, I combined the most popular collection I've ever carried (Bunny) with this silky smooth and unforgettable Minky fabric. The DUNES pattern is striking and everyone will notice it. Super plush and soft, DUNES is the opposite of a dry desert. A chic addition to my store.

This fabric has a very plush 15mm pile height and 585 gram weight per liner yard, perfect for cold weather conditions. I would consider this a Heavy weight fabric. This Heavy weight fabric will be very warm and cozy. If you add the DIVINE Fabric upgrade, this will be an amazing weighted blanket.

What you'll be getting... DUNES is a "Heavy" weight fabric. It will come with DUNES fabric on the front, and it's paired with a matching solid color minky on the back side. (see pictures) If you're loving the DUNES print then choose the DIVINE Fabric upgrade. I will put the same fabric on the front and back, and it becomes a bit heavier & warmer. You'll need to choose the color and size, then decide whether you want any of the DIVINE upgrades, like the DIVINE Fabric, or Foot Pocket. (see pictures)

Please contact me at BlanketsByBrian@gmail.com with ANY requests or customization needs. Sales are final. Products are made with 100% Polyester. Sizing Note: All sizes are approximate & refer to Cut, Pre-sewn, sizes. Finished product can sometimes be up to an inch different than stated. - CLICK HERE for more Information that you'll need to know about your purchase.