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The DIVINE Comfort Blanket or Wrap

I created the DIVINE Comfort Blanket for a friend needing support during a very difficult time. I attached 4 Special charms INSIDE the blanket that applied to our relationship and remind her that I would always be there for her. Although the charms can't be seen, you'll feel them under the material, inside the Blanket. The intention is that it will become a distraction in a stressful situation (like a stress ball) and allows a person to think about which charm they are feeling, match it too the picture & think about why you choose that charm. Suddenly, 5... 10 or even 30 minutes has passed, and I believe that everyone needs a moment away from their problems, in order to conquer them. You'll get a photo of the Charms that are in the blanket.  This Blanket is intended for not only someone Struggling in Life's hard moments, but also a way to give someone encouragement and tell them you believe in them. This is a very custom blanket. 

Don't get frustrated, if you are unsure how this works, Email ( ) or Text ( 385-900-8668 ) and I'll get you back on track.  Look through the pictures and Type in the description of the charm you want to add.  

This Price includes 1 - 4 Charms.  Additional Charms are Extra.  I recommend that you stay under 5 so that your Blanket/Wrap won't turn into a weapon.  (Ha-ha)  For Pillows, Keep it around 3 or less.   However,  I will never say that is too many. I can work with you to make anything happen.

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