DIVINE - What it's all about.

DIVINE - What it's all about.

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Features and Add On's

DIVINE Add-on's come with a production charge, it depends on the fabric or the add on.

- DIVINE -  Fabric Upgrade 

This feature makes your Items Identical on Front & Back. Which means, adding the DIVINE Fabric Upgrade to an item transforms it into the Luxurious soft fur that you choose, times two.When making the blanket the same on both sides you get a more sophisticated look and your items will become a part of your home decor. (see picture above)

 - DIVINE -  Lock Down Stitch

When you add the quilting "Lock-Down" Stitch it gives the item a sharp and cleaner edge.  Depending on the size, the stitch is placed between 1-4 inches from the edge. In addition, it helps prevent your washing machine turning the item into a wadded ball. We have all seen it. (See pictures below)

- DIVINE -  Toggle Button Add On

This is the "Toggle Button". It is something that I automatically add to the Wrap, it is a $10 upgrade. (You may remove it by UN_CHECKING the box) The Wrap works with or without, it is all about personal preferences. I made this an Add On item because people are split down the middle, half want it & half don't.Therefore I only want you to pay for want you want.  I personally like it with. (See pictures below)

- DIVINE -  Foot Pocket Add On

The "Foot Pocket" is a 32 inch triangle shaped piece of matching fur sewn onto the lower comer of the blanket. (smaller for kid sizes) It is almost invisible, but adds a very functional and terrific feature. The idea came from dozens of people asking me for a design that prevents their feet from poking out at the end of the blanket. The foot pocket is my personal favorite. Now you can use the full length of you blanket without worry about your feet hanging out. (See pictures below)