A Spotted Lynx - Travel Blanket *DEAL

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Spotted Snow Lynx - Travel Blanket

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Description of what you're getting - The Travel Blanket is approximately 40" x 60" when it's unfolded. When you're on the go, it folds up into a 12" x 18" pillow. Each Travel Blanket includes the Blanket, attached storage pillow, toggle closure on the pillow, & a "D" ring attached to one corner of the pillow for a variety of carrying options.  

How to Store the Blanket in the pocket. (see picture above)

  • Locate the toggle button & pocket.
  • Pull the pocket out that is tucked inside the blanket.
  • With the pocket out, and using your fingers, start gathering and stuffing the blanket into the pocket.
  • Flatten, squish or fluff to make desired pillow shape.
  • Fasten toggle through the buttonhole.

* Attention to detail and extra construction time is needed for the Travel Blanket. However, 80% of the time I will ship them to you within 2-4 business days from time of purchase. Contact me if Expedited delivery is needed, I will accommodate most requests. BlanketsByBrian@gmail.com  "Sunrise" & "Sunset" will cost more because of the fabric mill I buy it from.