A 30"x40" Frosted Roses Blue Blanket, w/Elephants *DEAL

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Clearance! A 30" x 40" Frosted Roses on Pale Blue, w/Elephants on the back.

This is a great deal. Because I have limited space in my studio, every year I have to make some hard cuts to bring in something new. So, let's clear this out to make room for next years new collections. My loss is your win with this amazing clearance pricing.

This blanket is 30" x 40". (custom size) The "Frosted Roses Baby Blue" fabric is on the front and a modern Elephant minky print on the back. This buttercream soft minky is delicious. It's has an Old Fashion look on the traditional Roses fabric. A medium length fur that looks like tiny rose buds. Light baby blue color lays beneath a buttercream frosted "twisted roses" colored fur. Everyone from the young and old, men and women will love this.  (see pictures)

Clearance Items are a Final sale. They cannot be returnedSizing Note: All sizes are approximate & refer to Cut, Pre-sewn, sizes. Finished product can sometimes be up to an inch different than stated. - CLICK HERE for more Information that you'll need to know about your purchase.