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BABY WEEK - Good 4 Utah, Midday

So excited to participate in Baby week for Emily Clark. Check out this segment, the ABC4 Utah - Good4Utah website, and watch MidDay at 11am to find out how to enter the sweepstakes. Get coupon codes after watching the segment. Good Luck.

Or follow the link to ABC 4 and their website


*Check out my “Blog”. You’ll find Details on the “DIVINE” collection (Pricing /Description) & find detailed Wash/Care instructions there. * **If you have questions, like Custom Sizing, Add On’s or Subtractions, I welcome them. Contact me via email, we'll brain storm ideas and come up with a solution & quote. BlanketsByBrian@gmail.com. I Love innovative ideas. * *** Blanket/Item Sizing is approximate. The measurements shown are the pre-sewn/cut measurements. * ****There is a Production Charge added to the price for SHAG. More Material needed(yardage), the Price of Fabric & extra Assembly time needed are the reasons for the add-on.