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How Blankets By Brian got Started...       (Contact Information: scroll to the bottom of the page.)

It all started with my Grandmas...

 Grandma Bonnie & Grandma Beverly

        Grandma Bonnie                                                  Grandma Beverly

There are many people who influenced me growing up, but these ladies are 2 of my favorites.  For some reason I never had a worry in the world when I spent time with them.  I always felt unconditional love and true friendship no matter what age I was.  We spent so many hours, day after day, sewing, crocheting, quilting.  I loved doing with them and never thought in a million years it would become my full time job.

Flash forward 40 years...  When Minky and Faux Fur products became really popular and I first really noticed them was in 2013(ish).

 Unfinished. MORE TO COME....


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